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CHROME-PLEX CromeMate (chromium polynicotinate) is an essential trace mineral element, whose deficiency, mainly in adults and older people, causes problems in the metabolism of sugars and carbohydrates. For everyone, it is very useful as it helps the body and stimulates it to maintain normal blood glucose levels when there is insulin resistance. Scientific evidence indicates that it can be used in patients suffering from pre-diabetes, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, hormonal estrogen imbalances that cause polycystic ovaries (PCOS) and enlarged prostate (BPH). One capsule per meal is recommended. In cases of dry skin or itchy skin, it can be accompanied by a capsule or tablet of the chelated zinc mineral. When the balance of sugars is properly balanced with Chrome-Plex, you should notice an improvement in overall energy balance, better digestion of carbohydrates, and deeper, more restful sleep. Suggested Use: One capsule a day as a nutritional supplement. Keep out of the reach of children in a cool, dry place. Do not take during pregnancy CHROME-PLEX is carefully made with high quality ingredients, 100% vegetarian highly recommended by dr. norman with a balanced diet and regular exercise.